Meløy Municipality

View from Helgelandsbukken. Foto: Håkon Bergli. View from Helgelandsbukken. Foto: Håkon Bergli.

Meløy Municipality is situated midway along the coast of Nordland county, about 120 km south of Bodø. Owing to its expansive 873 square kilometers, the municipality has many active and vital rural villages, numerous settlements and several inhabited islands. Ørnes is the municipality’s administrative center and main junction point for transportation via land and sea. The majority of public and private services are available here.


The Coastal Route (Highway FV17), which is renowned as one of Norway’s most beautiful stretches of highway, traverses Meløy.

Daily bus service connects Meløy to Bodø via the Coastal Route.

The express boat "Nordlandsekspressen" provides travelers with a comfortable mode of transport by sea and makes stops at several ports of call within Meløy during its daily trips between Bodø and Sandnessjøen. Ørnes additionally serves as a port of call for the Coastal Express or “Hurtigruten”.

The municipality is linked together by a network of ferry, express boat and bus connections, which can bring you out to the island communities as well as to various points throughout the municipality.

Meløy is home to a diverse range of commerce including industry, farming and agriculture, fishery and aquaculture operations, power production and service industries as key elements.

Engenbreen is a western arm of the Svartisen glacier and represents the municipality’s biggest tourist attraction.

Information about overnight accommodations, touring suggestions and sites of interest is available on Meløy Tourist Information’s website.

We also recommend using the Meløy touring map, which features information about outdoor recreation, nature, cultural monuments, attractions and much more. The map may be purchased at service stations, shops and bookstores throughout the municipality.

Meløy municipality is also often referred to as “The Still Fjord” due to the way local waters remain calm even when the wind is gusting in nearby coastal areas.


Meløy kommune
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